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The time on my reports is off. What time zone is the Stat Trax server in? Can I change it?

Stat Trax supports multiple time zones. The fact that you are seeing a bad time is due to the fact that you did not set your time zone correctly. Go to your administration page, and select Modify Account Settings. You will see a question that reads Do you happen to have the current time?. Make sure that the time corresponds to YOUR correct time. After you set that, your time zone will automatically be set, and your reports and tracking will then reflect your local time.

How can I reset my stats to zero?

Go to Modify Page Settings for the page you wish to reset, and delete the page. The next time someone accesses your page, Stat Trax will recreate it in your account with everything starting at 0.

I've set up my account to track a page. How do I start tracking additional pages?

You can now generate the HTML to add your pages automatically by using our Stat Trax Code Builder. The code generated from our builder is now the preferred way of tracking pages. However, if you are still tracking pages the old way, that will still work just fine.

How do I find out my password if I lost it?

Simply go here, enter your account number and the password for that account will be emailed to the email address of that account. If you don't know your password please email support@stattrax.com.

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