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Click here for a SAMPLE REPORT PAGE

This will show you a real-time "Reports Central" page. This report is meant to offer a quick breakdown of what each page's stats look like at any given moment.

Details of what you will see on this page:

  • Hits at a Glance

    • Total Hits
    • Today's Hits
    • Avg. Daily Hits
    • Peak Time
    • Days Tracking
  • Last 7 Days at a Glance

  • Top User Domains

  • Most Active Days

  • Most Active Hours

  • Last 25 Visitors

  • Monthly Top Referring Pages (where applicable)

Each section is linked to a more in depth report of that section, giving overall totals.

In addition to this, you can have many (hundreds, if you wish!) pages that you track, and for each page you will receive this information. You will also have a main administration page which shows summary aggregate data for each one of your pages at a glance. Try the free trial and see for yourself!

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