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Counters are easy to set up. Server logs provide in-depth analysis of your traffic. Ever wish you could have the best of both worlds? 

STAT TRAX can provide you with the information that you need. The kind you can use to easily identify the makeup and size of your audience. 

  • What percentage of your visitors are coming from the United Kingdom?

  • How many people view your pages between 1 and 4 in the morning?

  • Are you drawing a bigger crowd on weekends or work days?

  • What is the ratio of visitors from commercial locations to educational institutions that view your pages?

These are the questions that STAT TRAX will answer for you!

We also offer the convenience of letting you pick which reports you want, how you want them to look, and how often you would wish to receive them, and we'll email them to you on a regular basis at no extra charge! Never before has tracking your web site been so easy!

You can sign up for your free trial right now, and within minutes you can start tracking your entire Web site. There is no software to install. There is no begging your Internet Service Provider for access to private log files. And, there is NO catch, we don't even ask for your credit card to start the trial. Absolutely no-risk. 

Just fill out our registration form and make a small modification to your HTML files. Your pages will be automatically registered in our databases. That's it!

If there is something that you still have questions about, don't hesitate to contact us!

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